Team Manager, Learning Disability & Mental Health - Adult Social Care

Holiday- 25 days per annum, pension scheme, life insurance, flexible working and sick pay.

Job Purpose:

  • To ensure that the team provides a high quality service to Adults with needs including older people, those with physical disabilities and patients being discharged from hospital in line with Care Act 2014 (CA 2014) eligibility focussed on good outcomes with timely interventions at the right level within statutory guidelines and within given resource and budget availability.
  • The post holder will ensure that the appropriate legal framework for Councils with Social Care Responsibility is applied lawfully, effectively and affordably. Ensuring the organisation fulfils its responsibilities within the statutory and local performance frameworks, in line with national and local policies.
  • To lead a team to deliver the duties within the Care Act 2014 in relation to Safeguarding Enquiries, by ensuring they carry out, or require others to undertake enquiries where it has reasonable cause to suspect that an adult in its area, who has care and support needs is experiencing or is at risk of abuse or neglect, and as a result of their needs is unable to protect themselves from it.
  • To work with the council’s Safeguarding Quality and Performance Framework to effectively monitor and develop performance
  • To ensure the team are working within the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal and that these are applied appropriately To ensure that safeguarding of adults principles, Mental Capacity Act, and The Human Rights Act are properly considered throughout and to verify all decisions made.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Undertake the role of Enquiry Manager in whole area/provider or high risk enquiries
  • Ensure that effective, reflective weekly group supervision is available to all undertaking safeguarding work
  • Continue to develop and monitor performance in accordance with the Safeguarding Performance Framework
  • Be responsible for closing all Safeguarding Enquiries offering robust QA
  • Work with the wider management team to produce performance reports to the LASB and SBC Performance board for scrutiny
  • Ensure that the team are in receipt of effective, reflective monthly supervision
  • Ensure that regular team meetings are in place to ensure there is a forum to discuss key issues and reflect on service developments
  • Work with wider management to ensure that sufficient training is in place for all to ensure the quality of safeguarding across all teams
  • Ensure all staff are well managed, motivated and developed through learning opportunities that make use of evidence and effective methodologies, and that enhances their professional practice, within service aims and objectives. This includes the implementation of appraisals, as well as through both individual supervision and team reflection and learning, to ensure learning is translated into practice and service development
  • Ensure all staff receive appropriate training in the NHS CHC Framework and completion of check list and DST
  • Promote and develop good working relationships in accordance with employee relations policies and codes of practice agreed by the Council, and follow agreed procedures for the speedy resolution of grievances, capability, the maintenance of discipline and absence control
  • Manage staff, the working environment and working practice by demonstrating personal and professional example and demonstration of the Council’s values and behaviours
  • Ensure that diversity is respected and takes account of the different needs of adults with needs and their carers, and that the decisions made and service delivery is sensitive to and addresses discriminatory issues of language, gender, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexuality and social background
  • Within delegated authority, ensure that complaints are responded to and investigated in a timely manner in accordance with policy
  • Foster a strong culture and practice within the team of “personalisation”, focusing on articulating outcomes for individuals, identifying where individuals can make use of universally available services and ensure independence is maintained for as long as possible.

Supplementary Accountabilities-  because of the nature of the work and in accordance with the demands of the service, he/she will be required from time to time to work outside normal office hours, including evening and weekend working.

Knowledge & Experience:

  •  Demonstrable evidence of Leadership Skills and Management Development
  •  Post qualification and evidence of diverse practice in a front line adult social care setting
  •  Management experience of recruitment, performance, appraisal and direct responsibility for operational staff
  •  High level budget management and audit skills
  • Detailed knowledge of the NHS CHC Framework and detailed experience of completion of both checklist and DST
  • Detailed knowledge of relevant legislation, statutory guidance and policy, South West regional safeguarding procedures, and court procedures relevant to the work of Adult Services
  • Knowledge and understanding of national and local performance indicators and targets, and in managing performance and quality within service delivery
  • Knowledge and understanding of current thinking and developments in research and methodology
  • Demonstrable commitment to equality and diversity
  • Demonstrable leadership skills, credibility and integrity and change management skills
  • Computer literacy, performance management skills and the skills necessary to work with information management systems
  • Knowledge of good supervisory practice
  •  Ability to produce and present detailed and complex reports and to understand, interpret and provide complex information
  • Ability to organise and prioritise work appropriately and to work flexibly under pressure to both selfdetermined and prescribed deadlines
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills


  •  Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) recognised social work qualification and HCPC registration
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