Support Worker

  • Carry out tasks connected with everyday living, such as domestic cleaning, washing clothes, ironing, planning and preparation of meals, shopping for food, clothes, personal hygiene etc;
  • Seek and obtain meaningful and enjoyable employment appropriate to their skills, knowledge and experience;
  • Take part in and enjoy community activities and facilities such as relevant clubs and associations, fitness and general leisure activities, education classes, pubs, restaurants etc;
  • Claim benefits and allowances which are available to them; Budget expenses and to record expenditure and income in a manner appropriate to their circumstances; Access advocacy services as needed;
  • Maintain their health and fitness, and to encourage/support health checks at GP surgeries, Dentists etc.
  • Maintain their cultural, religious and faith associations and to attend Church, Synagogue, Mosque etc.
  • Access information & services relating to their lifestyle & personal choices, interests etc;
  • Understand the risks surrounding their personal safety, and how to deal with those risks (when out alone, kitchen safety, using DIY equipment, security of their home etc.);
  • Deal with emergency situations, such as fire, flood, power cut etc;
  • Make appointments; Maintain contact with friends, family etc (as the Client wishes) and forming new relationships;
  • Administer personal medication;
  • Actively and positively contribute to the running of the Home, and to assist others where they are capable of doing so;
  • Maintain an adequate diet;
  • Deal with difficulties and problems that arise from time to time;

Application Questions

1.  Do you Drive?
2.  Do you have a level 2 in health and social care or are willing to work towards it?
3.  Do you have a years experience in care?
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