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When considering a career in Adult Social Care, there are several different routes to explore with plenty of scope for career and learning development.  Whether you are just setting out on your career in care, or have previous care sector experience or are simply interested in an Apprenticeship in care, you’ll be surprised how well your existing core values and skills match the many different sectors as highlighted below:     

  • Residential Care Facilities or/and Supported Living Schemes 
  • Supporting adults with Dementia care 
  • Elderly Adults personal and social care 
  • Adults who require help due to Learning Disabilities 
  • Adults who require help due to Physical Disabilities  

The list of careers in care cover a wide range of roles, to include personal caring, nursing, physiotherapy, administration and finance, catering and grounds maintenance.  

In order to continue with your career search, all applicants will need to complete the career in care quiz, this is the starting point and only takes a few minutes to complete.
The career quiz is there to help you gain a better understanding of the Adult Care Sector and will help to match your skills against the list of job roles available.  

Before taking the quiz, have a think about the type of care that you would want to work in as there are many options to consider. When you open the quiz page select the 2 most relevant video options (there are 5) and complete the quiz. 
Once you have completed the career quiz, you will receive a detailed personal profile that outlines the best job fit for you! 

Unfortunately, if you are unable to complete the career quiz, your application will not be considered for current and future careers in care.  

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