Apprenticeships in the Care Sector

Why choose an Apprenticeship?

Firstly, it’s a great way to learn new skills, start a new career and secure additional qualifications and receive a salary for doing something that you really enjoy.  

Applicants of all ages are now considering a career in care, due to the many career options available. Regardless of age, whether you have just left college or seek a complete career change, you can gain a worthwhile career in the care sector, which offers great job security too as there is always a need for people to work in care. 

When choosing a career in care, you can be guaranteed a long and rewarding career, with an array of different job roles and possibilities. Working in care is more than you realise, it opens doors into the world of personal care, administration and finance, catering, physiotherapy, nursing, management and complex care support – the list is endless.  

When considering an Apprenticeship, 80% of your time is spent ‘hands-on’ working, learning all about the care sector, buddying with qualified professionals and experienced people enabling you to perform each and every job role to it’s fullest. The other 20% of your time is spent studying and gaining those hugely valuable qualifications and training courses that can really springboard your career into new careers in care and beyond.  

With all of this support, guidance and encouragement, who wouldn’t want to consider an Apprenticeship in the care sector, as  it will provide a guaranteed career path filled with knowledge, life skills and behaviours to equip you for a brilliant future.  


Apprenticeships are government funded work-based learning programmes for anyone aged 16 and over – there’s no age limit. So many applicants are now re-considering their career paths, deciding to explore new avenues, whatever their age. 

Don’t forget about employees who are already working in the care sector, those who are keen to progress and develop. These employees can also consider taking on Level 3 to Level 6 Apprenticeships in a range of functions and with their current employer. 

Now is a great time to think about Apprenticeships as the career options are plentiful and varied and can accommodate so many job roles in this highly rewarding and exciting sector.

Your training will be organised by the employer and training course provider and is delivered locally, usually in your place of work, or online and in some cases work can be completed at home. It couldn’t be easier. A training assessor will support you and provide regular feedback throughout your Apprenticeship. 

What are the benefits of apprenticeships?

Gain a nationally recognised qualification and work experience at the same time

Earn a wage whilst learning

Grow in confidence and skills by learning from industry based trainers and managers with lots of experience in the care sector

Start on your career journey with an apprenticeship that could lead to a degree apprenticeship

Examples of apprenticeships currently available for adult social care occupations are:

  • Adult Care Worker (Level 2)
  • Business Admin Level (Level 3)
  • Lead Adult Care Worker (Level 3)

Available to existing employees and subject to higher education:

  • The Lead Practitioner in Adult Care (Level 4) 
  • Healthcare Assistant Practitioner (Level 5)
  • Leader in Adult Care (Level 5)
  • Nursing Associate (Level 5)
  • Social Work (Level 6)
  • Occupational Therapist (Level 6)
  • Physiotherapist (Level 6)
  • Registered Nurse (Level 6)



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