The Benefits of working in Adult Social Care

There is no better time to consider a career in social care in Swindon. With over 150 individual care providers based in Swindon, job opportunities are both plentiful and varied. You could be supporting adults who require personal care at home or in a residential facility, to those needing more complex requirements with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, complex mental health needs and those who are recovering from injury or long term health issues. The list is endless.

One thing is apparent – they all need someone to care for them, now and in the future. That someone could be you.

Swindon is a thriving community, offering a multi-cultural richness which continues to grow with new housing facilities, with modern and pro-active further education hubs and a range of social activities complimented by parks and green open spaces. With a growing community and people now living longer, this has resulted in a need for additional adult social support staffing services. That’s where iCareCareers can help.

We are looking to attract applicants seeking work in Swindon, who may have experience in the care sector and those who are keen to get into care, with no direct experience but do possess the unique range of core values and skills that go hand-in-hand with care sector working.


Now is a great time to apply for jobs in care and in return
we can guarantee a hugely rewarding career.